Ingledene Lucy In The Sky "Lucy"

Born: 2011-07-21

"Lucys" mother and father

Breeders: Kennel Ingledene, John och Valerie Geddes, England

E: Ingledene Mr Majestic

U: Gb & Ir Ch. EUW'09 Black Gary La Dame Chere At Ingledene


Eye: Clear


Lucy is a cool little girl. She can both commands in English and Swedish. Like her mother, she is a "jumper" and Lucy is also a perfect "digger".



Show results:


Hudiksvall 3/12 Best of breed puppy BIS 2 puppy, Linnea Sandberg

Färsta 25/2 Best of breed puppy BIS 1 puppy, Annika Ullveit-Moe, BIS=Helge Lie

Strömsund 24/3 Best of breed puppy BIS 1 puppy, Fredrik Norgren


Timrå 5/5 Excellent junclass, Margaretha Carlsson

Timrå SCK 6/5 Excellent junclass 2 CC Quality, Sonny Ström

Österbybruk 26/5 Excellent junclass 1 CC Quality, Best bitch3 med CC * Carin Åkesson

Vallentuna 27/5 Excellent junclass 1 CC Quality Micael Johansson

Gävle bhk 10/6 Excellent, junclass 1 CC Quality, best bitch3 CC ** Kitty Sjong 

Avesta 17/6 Excellent, junclass 2, Liz-Beth Liljeqvist

Trondheim 30/6 Excellent ?

Alfta 7/7 Excellent , junclass 2 CC Quality Eva Eriksson

Piteå collieclubb 13/7 Excellent, junclass 1, Best bitch2, r-cc, BIS junior Francisco Rodriquez

Piteå 15/7 Excellent Kitty Sjong

Svenstavik 5/8 Excellent, junclass 1 Fredrik Norgren

Sundsvalls BHK 26/8 Excellent, junclass 1 CC Quality, BOB, CC *** BIS 2, Arne Foss

Högbo 30/8 Excellent, junclass 1 CC Quality Charlott Sandberg

Högbo 1/9 Excellent, junclass 1 CC Quality, Bo Skalin Best bitch, CC****, BIM Richard Paquette

Ljusdal 16/9 Excellent, junclass 1 Yvonne Brink

Kramfors 27/10 Excellent, junclass1 CC Quality, Best bitch, CC***** BIM Eva Liljeqvist-Borg


BIS 1 puppy x 2
BIS 2 Puppy x 1
BOB puppy x 3
x 3
CC Quality x 10
CC x 11
BOS x 2
BOB x 1
BIS 2 x 1